Setup in 3 steps

Step 1 - Download the Bitty Miner


Step 2 - Get an ID number

  1. Get an ID number from BitcoinPlus.
  2. Enter your ID#, click "Send".
BitcoinPlus ID#
It's found at:

Step 3 - Set it and share it

  1. The miner will work whenever opened, but since generating Bitcoins takes time, it works best if set to open on the computer's start-up. To start the miner when the computer starts (on a Windows computer), put a shortcut into the Startup folder. The steps to do that:
    • Right-click on the miner, choose "Create shortcut".
    • Click the "Start" button in the bottom left corner.
    • Choose "All Programs" and find the "Startup" folder.
    • Right click the Startup folder and choose "Open" or "Open all users".
    • Drag the Micro Miner shortcut into that Startup folder. Done. Note: this can be undone by simply removing the shortcut from the Startup folder.
  2. Use Facebook, Twitter, email, or whatever, to share your Bitty Miner with friends so they can mine for you.
  3. Be sure to share the instructions above explaining how to start the miner when the computer starts.
  4. Open the Bitty Miner — you are now mining Bitcoins! Be patient though, this takes time.

Important things to remember

  1. Mining takes time, so be patient.
  2. There's power in numbers so be sure to share with your friends.
  3. After some time, return to BitcoinPlus to check for progress.

Watch how easy Bitty is to get and run


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